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Experience natural sound

NATURSCHALLWANDLER - (Nature Sound Converter) Holographic Speaker Systems

ETERNITA has been designed to meet the most sophisticated musical demands: a powerful and truly professional multi-talent (2 x 180 W rms) to ensure individual music-listening enjoyment in medium-sized to large rooms. And it is just as suitable for use as a PA sound system, offering precise and non-distorted live transmission of speech, song and instrumental recitals, seminars, conferences, trade exhibitions, or for professional sound mixing in your own recording studio. All this in a superior quality – impressive enough to set new standards!

In indoor areas and especially rooms with “difficult“ acoustic conditions, ETERNITA will produce a detailed, distinctive and original sound pattern which is almost non-discernable from live sound.
In outdoor areas, ETERNITA will offer a totally new sound experience with non-directed sound propagating into the open space and virtually no acoustic pressure being exerted. Even at a distance of 100 metres and beyond, fine musical details can still be perceived and differentiated.


Owing to the inherent directional behaviour of the NATURSCHALLWANDLER®, no audible phase distortions, reflectance or disturbing hall phenomena will occur. The acoustic result can be described as sheer enjoyment – even over distances never thought possible! And even when set to a higher volume, ETERNITA will provide a sound that is surprisingly distortion-free and of constant audio fidelity.

The proportions of the individual housing components and the selected room volumes are based on precisely calculated harmonic ratios (including the golden ratio and Euler’s number), which is reflected both in their aesthetic effects and acoustic harmony. It is well justified to describe ETERNITA as an artistic mathematic-acoustic synthesis.

Natural materials for a natural sound! We are not making any compromises when it comes to the selection of our materials and workmanship. MUNDUS GmbH follows the principle of offering the best: superb quality materials, manually treated in best possible workmanship tradition and manufactured to stringent ecological rules.

Technical Data

2 x 3-way speaker columns 
2 x 180 W RMS / 4 ohm

2 x 6 m connection cable
2 x high-end plugs

7-layer glued real solid wood surface veneering
Braces/boards made of V2A stainless steel

Speaker columns:
Height: 120.0 cm
Body: 30.0 cm
Foot element: 32.0 cm
Weight: 25.3 kg (per column)

2 years, pursuant to legal stipulations


Innovative and special features of ETERNITA:

two integrated, freely selectable audio crossover systems – for indoor and outdoor areas and dynamic adaptation of the sound pattern to the prevailing conditions.

3-stage bass reflex tube with “vario membrane“ to automatically adapt the bass damping to the selected volume and ensure a clean, dry and pulse-accurate bass.

Synchronised audio crossover by means of quartz crystals – for significantly improved phase linearity, distinct localisation of the entire musical event, and extremely precise pulse behaviour.

Gold – Placement of pure gold in defined positions for highest resonant behaviour, and a pure, clear and healthy sound.

Wood is a natural product. Later changes in colour or in the colour structure can therefore not be ruled out and are not covered by our warranty.

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