Schlosshotel im Grunewald

Guests will find a wide range of spirits, cocktails and cigars in the English Bar, with staff members on hand to help and advise you on your choice. An endless range of flavours and aromas come together in an atmosphere of warmth and time-honoured classical style, presided over by the huge open fireplace.




  • Caesarsalad
    Mini romaine lettuce salad with king prawns or
    strips of chicken breast, parmesan dressing,
    avocado and garlic croutons
    27 €
  • Keltenhof wildherbsalad
    With raspberry dressing, marinated feta,
    Cecile de Leon ham
    18 €
  • Club sandwich
    With grilled chicken breast, crispy bacon, egg,
    cucumber, tomato, cheese, served with
    French fries
    21 €
  • Vegetarianclub sandwich
    On whole wheat bread with avocado hummus,
    grilled vegetables, curried potatoes, halloumi 
    cheese, mint and garden shoots
    18 €
  • Beefcarpaccio
    Marinated in balsamic vinegar and olive oil, with
    hard cheese, rocket, pickled tomatoes and sliced
    18 €
  • Tuna tartar
    With strawberry and hibiscus curry, sesame avocado
    and wild herbs
    21 €
  • Original “Ku’damm 195” currywurst
    With homemade ketchup, curry powder, paprika,
    spicy chutney, served with French fries
    15 €
  • MiniBerlinvealmeatballs
    With a spicy potato salad
    15 €
  • Japanese buckwheat noodle soup
    With shiitake mushrooms, spring onions, ginger,
    wasabi and beansprouts
    15 €
    -Grilled turkey breast 21 €
    -Tempura prawns 24 €
    -Sashimi tuna, wasabi and soy sauce 28 €
  • Tagliatelle
    With beef Bolognese and parmesan shavings
    16 €




  • Crispy prawn burger
    With Japanese tonkatsu-yuzu sauce, romaine lettuce,
    tomato on a honey and sesame bun,
    served with French fries
    27 €
  • “New York-Moscow” pastrami burger
    Slices of home smoked pastrami, beetroot, sour pickle,
    Svetlana, cheese, bacon on a honey and sesame bun,
    served with French fries
    27 €
  • “De Luxe” wagyu burger
    170g pure beef with truffle mayonnaise, black truffles,
    pecorino, wild herbs, pickled tomatoes, fried onions on a
    honey-sesame bun
    32 €
  • Grilled tuna steak
    On lemon risotto, sesame seeds, green asparagus
    and wasabi foam
    30 €
    Wiener schnitzel
    Topside of veal with fried potatoes and a small side salad
    26 €

    Rare roast beef
    With homemade herb butter, fried onions, sautéed
    vegetables and a potato and leek purée
    36 €




  • Selection of German cheeses from Maitre Affineur Fritz Blomeyer
    With grapes and various chutneys
    18 €
  • Mini nougat torte
    With pear and vanilla granita and port jelly
    15 €
  • Dessert of the day
    15 €

Enjoy an oasis
of luxury – right in
the heart of Berlin.

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